Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why Vance left Nebraska

The common practice in Nebraska was to spank children until they promised to grow corn or raise cattle. Vance never really liked the idea of hours in the Nebraska heat working miles of corn rows or the smell of raising cows. Vance ran away at age seven to join Buffalo Bills Wild West Show where he mastered the art of trick shooting. After 3 years with the show, he moved on to painting and writing in New Mexico with the help of D.H. Lawrence. They both became the toast of Santa Fe and threw wild parties at the base of the Sangre de Cristo mountains that lasted for days. One night R.C. Gorman and Vance hot-wired a truck and drove to Albuquerque for a Blakes Lot-A-Burger with green chili. 40 years later, Vance met Rick at Eldorado high school and the rest is history. Rick ended up being some big-time writer and Vance went on to become both Lewis and Clark.


  1. I always thought there was an uncanny resemblance between Lewis and Clark. No wonder I've never seen them in a photo together!

    Gorman was well-known for his late-night hijinx and was always eager to teach the youngsters the fine art of hotwiring.

    Of the photo above I have three questions: 1.)Why is Vance's Dad wearing an apron? 2.) What exactly is his mom spanking? His face? and 3.) Where is his dad's right hand?

  2. I will answer these questions in 'seriatum', (the order in which they were asked).
    1) Dad was a panty-waist who took orders from mother.
    2) Mom always felt that a good whack to the back would prevent me from getting the croup.
    3) Dads hand was on moms.....well, you know.


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