Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paul Harvey, good-bye old friend

We say good-bye to dear friend Paul Harvey. Rick was a early student of Paul's story telling stylings and served as a intern in Omaha one summer with Paul and Gretchen. This seldom seen photograph of Rick and his first typewriter, a gift from Paul, is truly Ricks most prized possession. I phoned Rick upon hearing the news and Rick was so distraught, he couldn't speak. I took it upon myself to post this picture and say a few words. Paul was a gracious man with an even temper and quick with that signature smile. While Rick and I were in kindergarten, Rick would tell me how much fun it was to work with Paul. Rick would fetch endless cups of coffee and often had to take the trolley into town to pick up more 3 cent stamps. The clickety-clack of the type-bars striking the platen of the typewriter was music to their ears and they just smiled at each other, knowing in 1 hour, Paul and Ricks stories would be broadcast nationwide. Paul is know around the world for the phrase, "and that's the rest of the story." But, Rick's hard work and determination was not in vain. Only Rick and I know that Rick made another phrase as well known as the previous "..of the story."

"Page two..." was all Rick. Yep, in August that year during a blinding snowstorm, Paul was frantic 1 minute before air-time because he couldn't find all of his notes. 10 seconds before going on the air, Rick emerged from behind the water cooler and thrusting the lost piece of paper into the air, Rick yelled, "PAGE TWO!"

And now, you know the "rest of the story. Good-day."


  1. Thanks for that fine report there, Vance. I've gone ahead and reposted the ORIGINAL photo of me, Paul, and Gretchen. You see, at one point, the Harvey's, who were unable to bear children, were considering adopting me. It was the happiest day of my life. No more living in the basement.

    And then one day the aweful news came down. Gretchen was with child. A few days later, Paul "Jr." was born. He grew quickly, and within a couple of weeks, we were bitter rivals for the affection of this great man.

    Finally tired of our bickering, Harvey put us in a cage for a death match. Paul Jr cheated (he had a horseshoe in his boxing glove) and thrashed me soundly.

    After I left on a freight train to nowhere, Paul Jr. had this photo airbrushed and replaced my face with his.

    This one bears the marks of years of travel (and Paul Sr.s coffee stains.)

  2. Rick was finally able to have the 'pith' helmet surgically removed just before leaving Canada and moving to New Mexico (same as Joe Dirt did with his mullet). I KNEW it was Paul Jr. who drove Rick away from the Harvey's and thus curtailing his writing activities for nearly 40 years. Oh well.Rick has made his mark on the broadcasting community and soon will be the 'toast of the town' when Oparh has him on her show to promote his new book!


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