Monday, March 2, 2009

It snowed last night

Well, it really did snow last night. Usually when the forecasters say 8-10", you get 1". Not this time! We got a good snow of about 10-12" in Mechanicsville, Maryland last night. Janet and I spent the day 'digging out'. My first worry was the camper under the metal carport. The metal trusses were bending under the weight of all the snow and we feared the entire thing would collapse. we got the ladder and I pulled as much of the snow off the roof of the carport as I could reach with a garden rake. We also jacked up the beams with 2x4 posts to stop the trusses from bending any further. Now that I've sat down for 30 minutes, I feel the body getting tight, oh Lord, tomorrow's going to be fun at work.


  1. Nothing like getting snowed in with your love nugget. When he came in the house he was frantic and I got dressed in a hurry and went out to help and about froze my feet off. I hung in there as long as possible.. He said "honey go in the house and warm up" Let me tell you it didn't take me long to jump the snow drift and get next to the fire.. He managed to save the day and our beautiful camper. He is my hero and I love you...

  2. Vance is like that. Make sure you write it down somewhere in case you need it for special points later, ;~)

    As I mentioned, it got up to 80 degrees today in Albuquerque.

    Oooh, Snap!


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