Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Martin retires..

Martin has done what no other member of the "Moonpies" gang of four has ever done, retired. Martin has spent the last 25 or so years in the airline industry. First as a baggage handler for Texas International and then Continental, I think. He then joined the Navy and went to 'Airframes and power plant school and emerged a mechanic. He accepted a early-out option with Delta Airlines in Atlanta and is on his way 'home' to be near family out west in Arizona. He has already landed a job with another outfit heading up the maintenance division for their aircraft. Well done, 'Margo'. I helped Martin move to Denver from Albuquerque when he went from 'TI' to Continental and we had one hell of a ride to Denver. It had just snowed and there were some flurries along the way. The trip is 448 miles to Denver and we always laughed that, "it's all down-hill to Denver, the 'Mile High" city". (Abq. is several feet higher than Denver). Martin was in his Toyota Celica Fastback and I was driving my trusty Chevy Luv with Martins shit in the back. Well, just past Santa Fe the roads were covered in 2 to 3" of snow. Martin took the lead and I was right on his bumper at about 70 mph. The right lane was fairly clear of snow but the other lane was covered completely. Martin would move to the left to pass other cars and I followed as if I were being towed by Martins car. Whoa...nelly! We both would get a little sideways and then correct ever so slightly and fall back into place. Mind you, we never let off the gas pedal. Other drivers must have thought we were crazy....oh yeah, we were! We made the trip in both of ours personal best times on a highway that we had traveled many times, 6.5 hours. For the average guy, the trip is about 8 hours. The photo has nothing to do with Martin, Rick or myself. i just thought it looked funny.


  1. I didn't know Martin was in the Navy! Why am I finding this shit out now? (Or is it as Janet says, the memory is the first thing to go.)

    There's something about those snowy weather trips here that you don't get in communities with more winter weather. I think it's that vast distance between towns. You're just out in the middle of nowhere.

    Good on ya, Martin. (But Arizona? I don't get what people see in that stinkin' oven of a hellhole.)

  2. While Martin may have been the first to WORK a job and then retire. Jim Jones was most certainly the first to retire from work.


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