Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cars we own now

Infrequent (as in never) contributor Martin Maskill (at left)sent this photo a while back and I haven't had a chance to post it. In the past, Vance and I have posted cars that we have owned over the years, including some of our current rides. I think we've got another shot of Martin with this car (or another VeeDub) somewhere else on the site.
Here is what Martin has to say about this outstanding ride.
The true story is, that this was the last of 4 or 5 bugs that G.E.(stepfather) restored. When he passed in 06, Mom told me to take it thats where it is, with me at home.

It was completely stock, when I got it, but felt the need to "Matinize" it. Completely new front end...narrowed / lowered front beam with disc brakes up front. It takes a lot of stopping power once you get the VW air-coloed motor wound up!

Nice work Martin! This would have been a much better machine to have at South Eu (instead of the Pinto!)

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