Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moonpie One: Page 25 & 26

Been quite a while since I've posted original Moonpie images.
On the first page here we've got quite the set of images in image. The top shot is of my wall locker at Ft. Lewis when I was in the 525th Replacement Co. Along the left door we have... I have no idea. A cartoon? Then a picture of a woman--possibly Farah? Then a Viva Oly sticker, a Canadian Flag sticker, A picture of Vance, and a painting from a magazine of the late Vaughn Bode, underground cartoonist and freak, who died doing that sexual asphyxiation shit.
Inside the locker you can see an pile of dirty and/or unironed cooks whites.
On the left (as in the RIGHT) door of the locker we see two autographed photos of the Monty Python Troupe. Belows that is a photo of me with long hair, smoking POT!! OMG!! and then there is an old lady with no teeth and below that, Vance,again. Vance has added the note that says "Hey, That's Me!!"
The photo below this shows me standing in the snow atop Sandia Crest, where Vance and I had just driven in his mom's Rabbit. I think I was home for, like, 3 or 4 days ORRRRRRRrrrrr this may be from my little stopoff on my way to Germany.Mmmmmnoooo, my hair is too short. This must be in the winter of 1976/77 because my hair is shorter and I'm skinny as a fucking post. Also I am wearing bellbottoms and Roots negative heel shoes.

On the next page we have...welll... this photo is from an experiment in staying up for 72 strait hours. seriously. I was the only person in the barracks as they had shut down operations over the holidays. I was the only staff person who did not go home. I wandered around, dressed in odd combinations of clothing. Vance has added the caption "What a Man."
Below that, another shot of me at the crest. Here I look remarkably like my son Gabriel who is now older than I was when this photo was taken. Jesus. I'm wearing a Cat Tractor hat, which would become popular in a few years, but then I looked like a dork. I bought the hat from Toddles Deniston. Here Vance comments on my facial expression by writing "I'm Disgusted!"

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  1. History in a locker. I always loved that picture. The friggin thing is probably still there.


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