Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cornhuskus canadensis

I spotted this prime example of a mature Central Ontario Spuddigger, a relative of the cornhusker. Turns out I'd forgotten to put on my glasses and had just spotted my reflection in the sliding glass door. Cornhuskus Canadensis is also related to Wino freezurassffay, frequently spotted pulling itself erect on northwoods barstools.
Holy shit I look old! I remember when I used to refuse to pick up characters who look like this in my taxi.

But, you remember that song "I was country when country wasn't cool"? Yeah, well I was wearing "Jimmy Durante" hats (as Vance so quaintly put it)back when Jimmy Durante hats weren't cool. I'm kinda wondering, though, why people aren't imitating the Durante style. And, damn if them Rugged Shark "Bill Dance" deck shoes ain't the shits, eh?


  1. This is what happens children when a Canadian Spuddigger has a camera and is left to his own devices for seveal hours. BEWARE!

    Great stuff.

  2. Yup. This was, like, pose number 8 or 9. I could have done it quicker if the missus had been around to snap it.... but then, she probably wouldn't have done it.

  3. Funny how the wives just don't understand this shit. Well hell, maybe someday.....


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