Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rick's Cars #s 5 and 6

I feel like I've already posted the Bonneville here, but I can't seem to find it, so here goes. Mine was a white 1970 with a 455. After the Tempest went tits up and the panel truck was abandoned by the side of the road, we were temporarily without transport. Gayle was, I beleive, still working at the phone soliciting place, and I was working at Pizza Hut. One of our friends was still waitressing at the topless bar where.... I guess I haven't gotten into any of that shit yet. I'm so fucking lost here folks. Jeeze. This guy got it from someone who owed him $400. He sold it to us for $400. The only thing wrong with this car was that it had a busted motor mount. The guy was test driving it and punched it off the line and that big old 455 just ripped the mount loose. It was a fucking monster. This thing also had fender skirts on it which, at the time, I thought were horrendous. It's only now that I realize the true style. Anyway, this was the vehicle we drove to NM with all our shit loaded in the back. Two days after we hit town, the water-pump broke. Vance fixed that as I recall. Then shit just started going wrong left and right and eventually (after some repair work by Sears on Menaul knocked the fuel intake loose) the damn thing caught fire on the freeway and burned all the wiring. I sold it for $50 because I didn't have the title for it. Whoever bought it probably rewired it for a few hundred bucks and had a sweet lowrider.
The Bonneville marked the last of my cool cars for a while. With that car gone, my mom offered to sell me her 4 year old Mercury Zephyr. She'd bought it from a car rental place. Thus began my 20 year hate affair with Ford products.

Notice how you never see old Zephyrs driving around? That's because they were one of the biggest pieces of shit (comparable to a K car) that ever rolled out of Detroit. This was the car I had when Gayle and I split up. I got some outrageous nookage in the back seat of that car and, despite all the shit, I had that car for about 8 years when I sold it to help pay for the next vehicle.

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  1. Yes, in fact I did replace a water pump in that car in Marys driveway. That was my greatest mechanical feat ever. I think I was trying to impress your cousin.....was she there then? Both cars are classic Raab-Faber rides, much of what happened in those cars, we dare not speak of. I say good-day.


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