Friday, January 1, 2010

I ain't shittin' ya, neither!

"Naw, naw. I ain't. Listen, son, buy me a drink will ya? C'mon, I'm a veter'n fercrissakes. Lemee tell ya sumpin' boy. Lemme tell ya..... let old Rusty Dick tell you sumpin'....SCREW YOU! I ain't tellin' you shit.... goddamn little punk.... A shot? for me? Well, thankee kindly. Let me tell you sumpin' I had me this little ole gal once, by god she's finer 'n shit I swear. I ain't shittin' ya neither! Yeah. Yeah. Looked just like that Rackle Welsh broad. 'member her? 'member? Goddamn she 'as stacked, eh? Built like a brick shithouse. Goddamn 'member that song? SHE'S A BRICK... HOUSE! SHE'S MIGHTY MIGHTY... just... uhh... hell... lettin' them titties hang out and... Huh? Yeah, I threw her out. Didn't need that shit. What shit? Well she's alla time inssiting.... insisting that she didn't know me and "where'd you get my house key from you old freak?!" “Quit follerin’ me or I’ll call the cops!” Shit like that. Screw her if she don' wanna getta know me better. I'm Rusty Dick, goddamnit! I ain't shittin' ya neither! Goddamn...Midnight? Midnight at the Moonpie lounge? Well, son, here's to you. Happy New Year! Should auld acquaintance be forgot and neeeeever brought to miiiiiiiiiiind. Should Auld acquaintance be forgit an days o' auld lang syyyyyyyyne.

I ain't shittin' ya neither”

1 comment:

  1. Deed by god jumpin' up and down christ! Just don't make no fuckin' sense, man gotta work so hard and nothin' ever come of it! Look, I'm gonna tell ya the truth now (slang for "I'm getting ready to lie like a rug") Look..look, I ain't no shitter, Junior ain't no shitter. Hey, know what Junior do, Junior shoot that fucker with a 30-30! Junior don't care! I ain't shittin' ya neither!

    Hey, buy me a drink, would ya? Come on honey, and after that I'll take ya below deck and show ya me captains log!


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