Friday, April 2, 2010

The records stuck, the records stuck.....

Remember buying needles for record players. If you are under 40 years old, forget it, it didn't happen.
Albums were still big in the 70's but the cassette was gaining all the momentum, soon to be taken over by the CD's.

Albums were fun. You grabbed a 'stack' of your fav's and headed over to the party for a night of drinking and whatever and spinning good tunes. One person was put in charge of playing the albums, this meant that they would not scratch them and always put them back in the sleeve. And never use your album cover for a coaster. That was a 70's no-no.

And half the fun of albums were the covers themselves. Who didn't want to see hot chicks in sun dresses and striped bell-bottoms?

Gone, but not forgotten....


  1. Claudine Longette was HOT! Then she went and shot her skier boyfriend. Jean Claude Killy? Billy Kidd? Who was that?

    Anyway, dig that short dress... Wow.

  2. Oh, yeah. It was Spider Sabich she "accidentally" shot. It was declared a negligent homicide. Also, Claudine was the ex-wife of Andy Williams.


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