Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've run away from home....

I can't take it any more. I've up and left my wife and the State of Maryland. I called work today and told them to "shove it" and grabbed all my guns and I'm heading west. I spent the night at my friends nursery in Virginia and will move south to run through Texas for a short stay. Not sure if I'll be posting on Moonpie for awhile. F' it. I do know one thing, when I get to New Mexico, I'm getting two Blakes Lot-a-burgers with green chili. Goodbye Maryland, you humid, crazy friggin' state. You can keep your blue crabs and the Chesapeake Bay...I'm going home!


  1. Jesus H. Christ, Deniston. You got me. If it hadn't been for the "April First" tag on the posting I was believing you.


  2. I just hope Janet got my call about the prank before she read Moonpie!


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