Monday, March 29, 2010

Trucks we have.....

This truck has been parked here (at my garage in the back yard) for over 4 years. Janets son was working on this truck for a friend and was putting in a rear end. The job just never happened. I've asked for the title and we call it a day/ It's a kick-ass 1970-ish C-20 3/4 ton Chevy Scotsdale. Mike told me yesterday that he was moving the truck soon.

This is my truck. I love this truck and want to get an older truck just for bombing around on weekends.


  1. Ah, yes. A Chevy C-10 Scottsdale. With the Easy-Rider Rifle Rack with room for not one, not two, but three of your favorite guns.

    Now, both trucks are sweet rides to be sure and for commutin' and totin' the wife and kid's about, the F-150 is certainly the way to go. But for drivin' around, bulldog ridin' shotgun, loud fartin', flickin' cigarette ashes on the floor, caught fish on the passenger side, fixin' the carburetor on the side of the interstate in a heavy downpour, headin' to the dump, rude bumper-sticker stickin', and chrome naked lady mudflaps, the Chev's the way to go. Ai'nt shittin' ya neither!

    So, Mike's taking it? Does that mean you're not? Damn....

  2. Gee, sounds like YOU'VE had a truck like this. Don't forget the CB radio with the 10' whip antenna and the old KRST radio sticker on the back bumper with Pan playing his fife. O was it a lute? Yes, Mike will thae the C-20 and the F-150 is mine. I did have a C-10 1970 long bed truck* but is was ate up with dumb-ass and rust, so I sold it. I WILL HAVE ANOTHER 70's TRUCK, AS GOD IS MY WITNESS! cough, cough....whew, that hurt.

    *check 'trucks' on search Moonpie site and see other rides.


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