Friday, April 23, 2010

O.K., I'm late to my own party...

10,000 visits to The Moonpie Chronicles, that's great.
Rick and I started this thing in 1976 and had know idea what would happen 34 years later. Moonpie, the book, started as a very small idea I had to chronicle our attempt to make a trip to Memphis just before Rick would leave for the army. Now, years later, the trip seems surreal. Rick is the only one who made the trip to Memphis as Martin and I pissed out at the last minute, we "didn't have a hair on our ass", as they'd say out west.

But some of you seem to enjoy our antics and have come along for the ride. Thank you. Rick and I lost track of each other in those crazy 80's and saw each other only once or twice in that time era. We reunited in December '08 and started the Pie on January 3rd 2009.

We have had visitors from around the world which is pretty cool. It's nice to see that 'wackiness' seems to have no boundaries or just one language. Hey, "we were just funnin' Marshall."

So, for all the followers and visitors....Rick and I will trudge ahead. Thanks again and now lets get off this 10,000 thing and move on to important issues like boobs and potty humor. From the heart of our bottom, peace to all.

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