Monday, April 19, 2010

Lord have mercy......

Jim Dandy with the trademark 'star' belt buckle and no shirt.
In the mid 70's Black Oak Arkansas was hitting full blast in the southern rock music that was about to explode.

Living in Memphis, Tennessee before moving to New Mexico, this band started just about 60 miles west of Memphis.
This is another band that I saw at the Civic in Albuquerque when they appeared with Ruby Starr. Hair and feet were flying that night. Ruby was throwing black roses into the crowd and the place was jumping. Songs like, "When electricity came to Arkansas" and "Lord have mercy on my soul" were big with the fans but the perennial favorite that got air play was "Jim Dandy to the Rescue".


  1. We used to think it was so cool that Jim Dandy supposedly had scars on his gut from his star-shaped belt buckle.

    A few years later, I got my own star-shaped belt buckle. I wasn't thinking it was so cool then. of course I had a major beer-gut for that damn thing to dig into.

  2. @ least you have cool scares now.

  3. I remember it like it was yesterday....
    I was walking through the halls of Karma. I shook hands with both the devil and god. and... OK, so I don't rmeember it EXACTLY like it was yesterday.

  4. "... they turned my eyes to look inside me to show me where my energy had gone. I've run with both all through my life, I respected and reflected them both, the sympathy of God as he looked at my life; the excitemnt of the devil as we talked.
    So Lord, have mercy, Lord have mercy on my soul...."

    c'mon Rick, it was only 35 years ago. What a burn out!

  5. DuuuuuHuuuuHuuuuHuuuuuude! I am soooooooo stooooooooned.


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