Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let the sun shine.....

Rick, (middle with headband on) worked one summer in Albuquerque's Little Theaters summer stock series. Moving aimlessly from job to job, Rick tried his hand at theater.
Rick: "It was o.k., but the dudes smelled funny and the chicks didn't shave their pits." Never a quitter, Rick pushed forward with his freestyle dancing skills.
Everything was going along great until one night, back stage, Rick sparked a doobie and caught all the macrame belts and plant hangers on fire and burnt down the play house.
Fire Marshall: "This Rick character, he seems to be in another world. When the fire started, he hauled ass to the Frontier restaurant and bought a Cinnamon bun."


  1. Vance may have this photo mistaken for another one from my acting days.

    This photo was actually taken in the class I took on "Coloring in Coloring Books." The teacher, a kind-hearted old pot-head named Pete Fitzpatrick, had just asked "Who wants gum!"

    Our standard reply "I do! I do!" (We all had wicked bad cottonmouth.)

    The blonde in the front, "Gretchen," was into Sopors, hence the inability to hold her hands up all the way.

  2. Sorry Rick, my mistake. What ever happened to Gretchen?


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