Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dip -shit of the Year award goes to...

Funny thing is, this picture was taken just miles from my house in Maryland. This was taken in Waldorf, Maryland after this genius left Home Depot. First of all, I would fire whoever would load and let this idiot leave the Depot.
Background for pic: The two men were on their way home to Annapolis from out of state. The idea struck the driver to pick up his building supplies in a compact car. They left Home Depot and drove about a quarter mile and pulled over in the IHOP parking lot. Leaving the car running with the passenger asleep inside the car, the driver decided he needed to wake up and started jogging around the IHOP. Police showed up and questioned the driver, who appeared to be high on drugs (no shit). Besides the plywood on top of the car, there were 12- 90# bags of concrete in the car and the rear shocks were driven through the body and were sticking into the compartment. The load was removed from the car and the vehicle was towed away. When questioned, the man said, "my wife wanted me to build an addition on the house." After further questioning, it was discovered that the man lived 1 mile from the Home Depot in Annapolis, Maryland which offers delivery of building materials.

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