Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nothing new here, just move along...

Everything from the '70's in coming back around now. All the motocycles are being "bobbed" and all the riders are sporting the 'goat'.

Mini-Coppers are back with a vengence and so are chick boots that were all the rage this last winter (although not in white) but spring is just around the corner.

Hell, even my girl Cher is still popular even if it is only because her kid went overseas to have an 'addadicktome' operation.

Now, lets talk MOPAR! The Challenger was sweet then and is super sweet today. Let's face it, what goes around comes around. Only, it is some of the crap we dig and some of the stuff should just be gone and left behind.
It's a funny world we live in. If you don't think so, just wait 30 plus years and then get back to me. Hell, I remember when I was a repairman on IBM Selectric typewriters (these are bulky machines on which you could print letters and shit with) before the PC's. I thought those days would never end, I was set for life with a trade.

My friend asked me if I wanted to take a class with him at night at the local VO-TECH to take computer repair. I laughed and said, "no thanks".

Now you know why I've been in construction and landscaping for the last 35 years. Enjoy today, it won't be the same for long.

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