Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Dead Celeb.

It always comes in threes. First that one guy. Then Whitney Houston. And now....

Teen idol Davy Jones of The Monkees. Dead at 66. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
I remember begging to stay up late to watch The Monkee's on TV as a kid. Great fun.
They were a TV show. They were a "band." Davy Jones and Mike Nesmith were the only real singer/musicians in the group. The other two, Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenz were there for comic relief. Davy, with his Brit accent was the heartthrob that the girls all shit themselves over.

But whenever I think of Davy Jones, I remember the time he was on The Brady Bunch as himself.

Songs I remember by The Monkees? Daydream Believer. Last Train To Clarksville.That's it.


  1. I stood in the Jack-N-Jill grocery store for an hour holding 2 albums in my hands, The Monkees and Paul Reveare and the Raiders.

    I put my $2.35 on the Monkess "Headquarters" album and went home a happy camper. It was the first album I bought.

  2. I think my first ALBUM was The Beatle's "Again" ( However, long before that I had a little collection of 45rps going that I cut off the back of a cereal box. Yes, they were actual single side records, the vinyl portion having been glued to the box. I had a couple by The Archies "Sugar, Sugar," and one or two by the Monkees.
    Or, it may be that my first album purchase was The Partridge Family "Sound Magazine" (
    I forget now.


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