Wednesday, February 29, 2012

East Coast Pie remembers...

Davey Jones was a funny little chap that actually had some music talent. The show was always fun (it was like a little kids Benny Hill primer show, just full of short skits)and my cousins and brothers would always try to do that walk where you cross legs with each other going down the street.
"Here we come, walking down the street, get the funniest looks from everyone we meet.....hey, hey...". You know what I'm saying.

But, Davey, being a lover of the arts and writing, always made time for Rick and his fund-raising events around New Mexico. Here, Rick and Davey were caught together at the Santa Fe Dinner "Under the Blue Stick Lights" evening Gala raising money for Pole dancers.

"Rick always shared my admiration for a chick who could wrap her legs around a pole and hang upside-down," Davey said. ""We started this fund raiser years ago and the trade has been the better for it."

"I dig Davey," Rick said.

Rest in peace Davey.

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