Friday, May 21, 2010

Time to think about vacation.....

Vacations used to be a thing of beauty. You waited all year and watched the family scrimp together a few bucks so you could load the stationwagon and head out each summer. What happened? The family Vista Crusier has been replaced by SUV's and soccer-mom vans. And instead of a family having one, maybe two cars, now each member of the family has their own wheels. Driveways have four cars parked at each house. And now, everyone goes their own way on trips. Sis goes to Cheer camp (learn how to drink and have sex without getting caught camp), the good son goes to work with a ECO-Group to clean the Bay for a summer(learn how to drink and have sex without getting caught internship) and mom wants to go with the girls for a school reuniun without the husbands (drink like hell and have sex without getting pregnant reunion). And dad just wants a four day weekend to drink without the hassle of any phone calls or kids. Sad, but true. But hey, who's going to change now. We've been going full tilt boogie for 30 plus years now and we have no idea how to slow down and really relax. That's the bummer of it all. That and the fact that no one seems to have the cash to do anything anymore. What the f--k is up with that? Oh well...just have fun this summer and don't get in trouble. There are people out ther that really do give a shit about you, don't blow it.


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