Monday, May 17, 2010

Dennis Hopper...

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson made today "Dennis Hopper Day". I love New Mexico.

Ya see where the road goes off to the left? That's were I want to build a Hacienda.


  1. Cool picture! Love the name of your blog!

  2. Today was hot and windy. Well, cold and windy, then hot and windy. I hate that. New Mexico blows.

  3. Remember Rick, New Mexico dosen't blow, Texas sucks! O.K. everyone in Texas, chill out. This blog is about having fun at the expense of anyone.

  4. Vance - I'm a Texan.

    And I'm laughing my ass off, because we say the same thing about Oklahoma! <3

  5. XOXO, glad you can see the humor. I'm sure Okies say that New Mexico sucks, it's just one big suckfest here in the southwest!


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