Saturday, April 11, 2009

My old 'Land Barge'

My 1973 Caprice Classic that I bought for $700.00 was my super cruiser. This is the car that I gave to my brother Tod after his car caught fire in moms driveway. I only had the car for several months and bought it because winter was coming and I only had my motorcycle. Oh well, I just kept riding the bike all winter. This thing was so smooth on the freeway, you didn't feel like you were doing 120mph at all.


  1. This looks a lot like the next car in my stable. Coming soon, the 1970 Pontiac Bonneville.

  2. There's something about these monsters that I dig. Maybe just the fact that it takes a football field to turn around or that you could sleep a family of seven in the thing.

  3. I liked the fact that you could do rock-wall climbing on the engine block. That and being able to grow a year's worth of crops in the trunk. Or play professional soccer in the back seat. Or sublet the glove-compartment to a Vietnamese family.


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