Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jobs we had....

During the summer months when school was out, Rick, Jim Jones and I worked as a motorcycle stunt team in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Oppenheimer and the other scientist would need some relief after doing 'some kind' of research. We would load up our Harley 45's in the truck and go up for the weekend and do seven shows a weekend. Rick was the driver in this picture and I would balance atop Ricks head and Jones shoulders. After the shows we would drink into the early morning hours and then start all over again. Hey, the pay was great. We could each make like $40.00 for the seven shows. After several months Rick bought a ranch in Taos and I bought a cabin in Red River. Jones bought more beer and a Boston terrier.


  1. Old Oppenheimer used to invite us back to the lab to smoke marihuana in his radio-isotope cooled Neutron Bong.

    This combination of radioactivity and pot led to phenomenal growth. What can't be seen in this shot is that we are all 50 feet tall. Also, that's not a Harley I'm piloting, but Oppenheimer's Top Secret Neutron Bong. (It was designed to destroy the brain, but leave the body standing.)


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