Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My hero artist, Frank Frazetta

I saw my first Playboy magazine when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Several years later our gang of kids in Memphis had a stash of magazines in the woods that we would pull out from time to time to look at. Then in High school, Rick showed me his underground comics with the art work of R. Crumb and his bodacious legs and butts he would draw on his women. Then one day, quite by accident, I opened a Frank Frazetta book and it was if the skies opened and rays of sunshine fell all around me. Gloria Dios! Praise Allah! Holy shit! I have found Val Halla! What ever phrase you would use to exclaim the purest joy of all, I was there. All of Franks popular posters (see college dorm room decorating 101) were the shit. But, if you love the 'art' of Franks, you must study the sketches in black and white. How could one pencil give such detail with the slightest shading?
Thanks Frank.


  1. Mos def. Frank's stuff is awesome. A new guy on the scene is Frank Cho who also did a comic strip called "Liberty Meadows." Cho was most certainly influenced by Frazetta.

  2. Cho was also influenced by Vargas.

    Here's a view of some of his work....

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