Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moonpie Corporate Jet

Vance picked this 12-seater turbo-jet up at a yard sale a few years back as a fixer-upper project. It's been sitting in a crate in the front yard all that time and finally the missus put her foot down and told him to do something with it.

Fortunately, thanks to reader generosity, we had enough money left over from fixing our tissue dispenser (see elsewhere) that we were able to totally rebuild this plane from the ground up and add the flashy logo.

The addition of this plane to our fleet of quality vehicles allows us to get to important events in remote places -- like the Food Lion in Mechanicsville for a six-pack of oat soda and a carton of Luckys.

NOTE: If you click on the photo, you'll see the larger version of it showing details of pilot and passengers. Also note that vance appears to be flying this jet with the window down.

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  1. Thankfully, my dad was an Air Force pilot which in turn qualified me to fly jets. This was handy since we had many flights to make to Canada. It seems, I came to find out in the '80's, that Rick will not eat a Big Mac unless it is called a "Royal w/ cheese". So now, every two weeks, it's off to Lake Louis for lunch in Canada. It was not uncommon for us to spend $2,500 for fuel to purchase a $3.00 value meal.


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