Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to the real deal...

Nothing sums up better than this headline. The old gang was the "Real Deal"
My trusty Chevy Luv truck was there to see it all, and more. This is my New Mexico pose that begs the question, "Hey, how are ya?" Which is Navajo for "Hey, how are ya." Me....I gotta a pie in my eye. Peace.


  1. My god we were skinny little shits back then. Sigh....

    I saw a Chevy LUV yesterday. It wasn't in the best of condition, at least the paint wasn't. But it was running. Some high-school looking kid behind the wheel. You just don't see them around anymore. Mainly because they were all owned by high-school looking kids who abused them.

    But, you know, I wouldn't mind finding one to restore. It's actually a pretty nice looking little truck.

  2. Lookit them man-breasts back in the day, Brah. I like the way you artistically hid the nipplage with the door frame....

    .... God christ on a Crutch, I've.... uhhhh.... sheit, I've been into the Laphroaig for about 5 hours now....


  3. Also, I weep to think how many of our Stormtrooper brethern have bought into the whole neo-con trip. You dupes! Did shooting bottle rockets -- and bottles! -- at one another at the hill teach you nothing?!?!?!

    As you were, men. No, as you were then consarn it!

    It's enough to make me turn in my membership. At least some of us still have sense enough to.... uh... yeah!! That's it!! You know... like... go one toke over the line, sweet Jesus. One toke over the line.

    Would Glen Beck go one toke over? Would he dare to eat a peach? Would he dare to suck a sleeve?!?!

    If you hae no idea what I'm talking about, you have no idea what I'm talking about, and therefore....

  4. ...therefore, go away. We have worked hard at staying silly for years and it seems to work for us. Moonpie "shines like a shaft of gold when all about is darkness." I say good-day.


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