Friday, March 5, 2010

WARNING!!!!!!!!! Get the kids....

The fabled "Chupacabra" has been sighted in White Plains, Maryland and has citizens in a panic. Gloria Martinez said the creature was seen in her back yard, "growling and dragging a piece of meat." Ms. Martinez continued, "I was so scare. I take my baby back in the house and get my pistol."
The Chupacabra has been sighted in Mexico for years and more recently in Texas and parts of New Mexico. "The beast attacks sheep and goats and drinks their blood," said police chief Tanner. "If this thing is in the county, we'll get it." The Chupacabra has been very carefull not to be caught or hunted down for many years. There are no real estimates as to how many Chupacabras exist in Central and North America. Tanner went on to tell of his crack pistol team and how NOTHING can get past them. "They have been stationed at the Potomac river and every witch-a-way, this thing ain't leaving Charles county," Tanner said. "We are on it!".

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