Thursday, March 4, 2010

But, Dad. What about Bob?

I feel like I've been (and am currently) both of these men throughout most of my adult life. Don't ask me to explain....

It's all in my groundbreaking new book. Where is it? Let's see.

Ah, yes. here it is. "Baby Steps."


  1. I know the feeling of wrought iron patio furnature is on sale. God bless all the parts for the trailor are in the pants suit.

    Baby steps.......?

    We don't need no baby steps....

    All this and more in Ricks new book, 'I used to be my sister'.

    And after the release of Ricks book, Condom House will publish Vances latest, 'I don't like cats and cabbage stinks'.

  2. Vance once again, you hit the nail right on the friggin' head.

    Amen to pantsuits


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