Friday, February 19, 2010

Interview with Larry King...

Tonight we are talking to Rick and Vance, they have a blog site that is sweeping the globe. They call it "The Moonpie Chronicles". I've seen the blog, it's funny, I like the photos, some of them are racey. Let's start with the creator, Rick.

LK: Rick, you like the blog thing, right?
R: Sure Larry. It's an escape...
LK: I saw 'er a Moonpie Chronicles t-shirt in the airport last week, the kids love them.
R: like I was saying, the time I get to spend on Moonpie is ......
LK: What about the parents? Do the parents like this stuff?
R:...I don't know if the parents...
LK: The Pie is harmless, right? No harm no foul I say. Right?
R:..sure, it's all in fun and Vance and I just..
LK: You have a..
R: If you interrupt me one more time Larry, I'm going punch you in the throat!
LK: Anderson Cooper at the top of the hour with world news. Let's turn to Vance. Vance manages the blog on the opposite coast from Rick. Vance, how long have you two been doing "The Moonpie Chronicles"?
V: Do you paint your bald spot Larry?
LK: Thats all the time we have for these two crazy guys. Remember, "The Moonpie Chronicles" is just a click away. This blogging thing, it's fun , right?


  1. Olympics! Sports stars on the ice. They fall sometimes...
    I like the outfits.....
    Can you buy a hot dog at the Olympics?
    I went to the Olymipcs once...
    didn't like the crowds.

  2. Too friggin funny.

    I'm going to lay off the interviews for a while though. The food they had for us in the "Green Room" for Larry's show sucked ass.

    On another note, Check out Bing's blog. It's awesome!!


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