Monday, February 15, 2010

Dig it....1974

Women knew what they wanted in those days....made for some rowdy times....
Most people were worried to death they wouldn't get gas on the "odd-even" day system..

But music kept everybody jammin' right along no matter what was happening....

For those who don't know whats going on with the last photo: ELP- is Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
And "Pie's" does not mean 'Moonpie Chronicals" , this should be a referance to the band Humble Pie.
And Cat is Cat Stevens before he hated America and wanted to be a terrorist and foresake all of his music and then 10 years later being dirty, unkept and broke....he decided he really did like America and money and all that shit, go figure. I actually had at least 2 of his albums and liked his sound.
I know nothing of Captian Beefheart....only the name is the precurser to "Meatloaf".

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