Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm your Captain, dammit!

Man... An ex-GF shared this on FB today and it brought back some memories. In my middle-school days this song was just the shit. If you were in a garage band and wanted ot play, you had to learn this song.

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  1. OK, now I have the perfect memory of this album. Micky, Chip and Harry all decide on the way to school, on our bikes, (8th grade), that they are going to "Boycott bussing" in Memphis, Tn. I have heard of no such boycott and asked would we get in trouble if we didn't go to class. A resounding "NO" came from the group and off we went, popping wheelies and jumping off curbs or any other make-shift ramp or jump. An hour or so later we ended up at Chips house and smoked a bowl and put on this album. Another hour later my mom shows up and gathers me up to take me back to school. So much for my "protest" days.


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