Friday, December 28, 2012

Head East, Young Man!

Vance and I saw Head East at the old Civic Auditorium in Albuquerque in 75-76-ish. Great jam!


  1. Oh, Alice. Always lovely to hear from our lone fan. :~)

    Wait.... your were at ENMU in 79-80? Or did you see them there? or both?

  2. Ah, the simpler days..... I loved that era. Much fun.

  3. Both
    same "yearish" . . . Toto, Atlanta Rhythm Section, and . . . DANG, can't remember the other one. Year books are 740 miles away at the moment, so no help there.

    The next year, most memorable one was Pat Benatar. Coming from a Family of Tall People, yikes, she is TINY.

    We were very much off the beaten tour track!

    Oddly enough, the year we moved from California ('71) Iron Butterfly played at our school's 6th grade graduation party. No lack of power people in THAT neighborhood, I wonder whose parent pulled that favor. (Lots of Producers, Directors, Actors, Sports people and yes really, an elementary school in a little un-known suburb of LA!)

  4. Ok, tried leaving a comment earlier, but it seems to have fallen into the void.

    also the same yearish, Toto, Atlanta Rhythm Section, and . . .
    DANG, I can't remember.

    The next yearish I recall Pat Benatar . . . as a member of a family, that when I visit I feel like I am visiting "the Land of the Giants", SHE is VERY TINY. Yikes!

    Oddest Concert I didn't get to attend . . . Iron Butterfly was obtained for the graduation party of the . . . 6th grade class from my school in '71, (day school ended we climbed in the packed car to head for Michigan). I'd like to know which parent called in that favor. (it was a very high power neighborhood--lots of Producers, Directors, Actors, Sports Names all in a little un-known suburb of LA.) Really, an elementary school party in its auditorium.


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