Friday, March 30, 2012

Our Affiliation with NORML

In the early days of this blog, we posted a lot of pages from the original Moonpie Chronicles books. It's been a while, what with life and all, but the time is ripe!

Here are a few pages from the original book regarding our affiliation with NORML - the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Back in 1976, flush with cash from my $364/month salary in the US Army,  I bought Vance a membership in the organization as a birthday present.
The official letter welcoming Vance to the organization and soliciting names of his "associates" who might be interested in pot... Ummm... laws and such. Including the famous and worth millions of dollars, signature of Keith Stroup. (Click the pic to biggify)

The NORML BMW -- combining our favorite car (before it was a Yuppie Machine) and our favorite recreational drug! Also a brochure from NORML and a cartoon about cops and pot. (Click the pic to biggify)

A generic letter from the NM branch of NORML. Note that the address of the former NM HQ is now a  gift shop. NO, not that kind of gift shop. (Click the pic to biggify)

You can still support NORML and help rid our nation of these draconian laws bu clicking one of the many links located on this page. Including this stupid looking link that didn't quite work as I'd imagined it.

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  1. Many thanks to New Mexico Chapter of Moonpie for the historical post. Oh, and thanks again for the birthday present. One of the many 'gifts' that came with the Normal package was a 1" button with a pot leaf and NORML across the face. When Rick and I and "Ginny" got pulled over by the cops, the policeman saw the button and gave us a lecture about, "I know what you types are up guys want everthing LEGAL!" I respectfully answered that the cause was all about decriminalizing weed. Imagine...some poor people are probablly still in prison from a very small amount of weed who were caught years ago.


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