Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammys, 2012

Rick and Vance started playing in a band back in the 60's and gained huge success with their hit, "Vacation Viet Nam". The trio which included Martin, was short lived and the band split due to creative differances. Rick went on to become a famous writer and Martin now sells ice cream in Arizona.

Vance was nominated tonight for his huge hit, "I got shoes, babe", a re-make of the big hit by Sonny and Cher, "I got you, babe".

I got shoes to walk the sand,

I got shoes to hold your hand

I got shoes with open toes
I got shoes that let me grow....

I got shoes, babe

I got shoes, babe

Let them say my hair is gone

Let them say they hate this song

I got shoes, babe

I got shoes, babe

I did not get the Grammy this year because Toms Shoes* had a boycott of my song and because they provide shoes for third world countries to poor people, they thought my song lacked good judgement and a horrible writing style...

Oh well, I'll be back next year with my new song, "Flip-flop crazy over you".

*anyone can "friend" Toms shoes on Facebook

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