Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holy Crap! We did it.

Twenty-THOUSAND visits to our blog in three and a half. It's like a little Christmas miracle. Here are some responses from around the globe.
This young fellow was totally flabbergasted at the news -- even though he also said it was predicted in the bible!
"S.T.F.U! No, Seriously. Shut it! Shut it before I shut it for you!!" said this man on the street.
We'd like to thank our team of financial advisers from AIG, without whom, we never could be receiving millions of dollars a year in tax-dodge revenues.
Patrick Stewart's response....
In this report from our Bureau in Kenya, we get to see our chief correspondent, "Doug" and his staff of research assistants.
I'm not sure how this woman ended up here. We have no cats for you to hug lady! Beat it.

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