Friday, June 24, 2011

"Excuse me, there's one more thing..."

About the same year Rick and I met each other, there was a series of detective shows that aired every Wednesday. They included Columbo, Hart to Hart and McCloud. Peter Falk played Columbo, the rumpled rain coat detective who always got on everyones nerves with his 'last minute' questions. "Pardon me, there's one last question I have." Gone today but not forgotten.

Dennis Weaver played the charactor of McCould. He was a New Mexico law man moved east to the Big City. Riding his horse through town and causing his boss to scream his trademake line, "McCloud!"

Then there was the loveable couple of Hart to Hart....."together, they spelled MURDER!". Today, all the shows are NCI and other bullshit that doesn't really hit home with the armchair detective at home. Oh well, Peter is gone and I will miss his stupid ways and mannerisms. Peace.

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  1. I loved Peter Falk in the original version of "The Inlaws."

    "Serpentine, Shel! Serpentine!"

    Dennis Weaver also went on to fame as the owner of one of the first houses in Santa Fe that was built with recycled tiers and rammed earth.


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