Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daytona 500, Moonpie style....

Moonpie Chronicles showed up in Dayton to enter Vance in the race with Ricks new race car design. "I'm going back to basics," Rick said. "Naturally, we went with the 'Baby Moon' hubcaps and heavy duty roll bar." Vance added, "I've always had a thing about racing in white pants and I thought the light weight material would give us an advantage."
Rick was so ramped up about designing a car, he went into seclusion for two months and appeared at the design studio with this new beard, ready to roll. "The creativity must flow from within," Rick said.
The two were turned away from the Tech Check- in and told NEVER to return to Daytona.
The two were last seen loading the car on the trailer and mumbling something about Pikes Peak.

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