Monday, December 13, 2010

Blane even got a job...

One year Blane got a job working with us. He lasted about 3 minutes -- the amount of time it took him to get on the uniform and say "I Quit"....
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Big brother Vance, in his role as Santa, looks on in disgust. "Now I see why you don't hire your relatives" he said.


  1. Rick and I decided that from that point foreward, no costumes and no family members would be incorporated into any jobs, period.

    But later that year we recieved a $10,000 job with "Holiday on Ice" and we had to work with brothers Blane and Tod. Ricks mom Mary was also in the show.

  2. Mom ran the Zamboni and sold bootleg cherry cider (basically rubbing alcohol, furniture polish and a packet of cherry Kool-Aid to the rubes. Tod, though only a toddler at the time ran a 3 Card Monty game -- that is when he wasn't skating around on the ice dressed as Barney the purple dinosaur reindeer.


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