Sunday, June 13, 2010

People in the fridge......

O.K., this is cool, but Rick and I had this idea years ago. I took a picture of Rick sitting in the fridge holding a bottle of Wishbone salad dressing. If I'm lying, I'm dying.....

Vance has never, to the best of my (Rick's) knowledge, lied. Hence, we offer the above photo taken ca. 1976-7 of me (Rick) sitting in Vance's refrigerator, wearing a bowtie belonging to either Tod or Blaine from their supermarket job, and holding a bottle of salad dressing.

We shot a whole roll of film that night. Vance drew a moustache on himself with a magic marker. Many of these photos centered around the kitchen.

This particular photo appears int he original Moonpie book. I was posting pages from that pretty regularly, but have been a slacker for the past year.... jeeze.


  1. Another note about the photo of Rick. Notice the '4-pack' of Tuborg Gold beer in the door. Those were my dads....somehow I believe there was a 6-pack just before we arrived....those darn kids!

  2. Holy crap! Tuborg Gold!?! Man, back in the day, Tuborg was the shizz! It was even a step above (the Miller Brewing company's version of) Lowenbrau. I don't even know what to compare it with now because imported beer just isn't as popular now. And you can't compare it to a craft beer. Plus it came in cans, so... how good can if have been. It's kid of like BMW's. We thought they were cool then when everyone else thought they were ugly. Now driving a BMW is like saying "I'm in a gang and I sell crack."


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