Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old hippie, old biker, old cowboy...just getting older

In the grand scheme of things, the 60's were not that long ago but seem to be light years away from today in the way we thought, felt and dressed.
Hippie chicks are a breed all unto themselves, just ask one. If you are named Freedom, Peek-a-boo, Lightness or Earth-girl, chances are your mother was a hippie chick. My mom had hippie chick girlfriends that I watched growing up....interesting. There was a lot of wine drinking going on in those days.

I never got into the 'natural' thing when it came to underarm hair on girls. Everyone said "that's what the European women do." Hello, we are in Nebraska! The lack of 'grooming' made for some real interesting trips to the pool and lake in those days. Talk about putting 5 pounds of wool in a 1 ounce bag, wow.

Hippies back then and hippies today I believe are really just looking for peace in their life. Sometimes, we just don't really have a grip on how to get there. Smoke, sex, drink, success or a vow to poverty.....whats the answer? Kindness, passive behavior, love and peace...these are great things to have in your life.

Today, groups still gather to capture the spirit and feeling of living free and un-tethered to 'the man'. Moonpie says, right on. The peace sign is still a good way to greet one another and show the world you are of a kindred spirit.


  1. I concur. Even though real hippies wouldn't say "I concur." And I do still flash a peace sign as a greeting. Sometimes it's a side-arm one combined with a nod. It's kind of a way to say "I acknowledge your presence but I'm not going to talk to you right now."

    Sort of like how responding to an email comment with "LOL" means "I have nothing further to say."

  2. that was fun thanx for sharing !!!
    i always say good bye with " peace and luv "

    i loved the pic with the flower on the bootie !
    hippie chick are wondeful and freeeeee !


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