Tuesday, February 2, 2010

When life was simpler.....

The great "TV Tommy" Ivo. I meet this man in 1969 at Lakeland International Raceway, I-40 and Canada road, MEMPHIS....(say it real loud like a radio announcer). Gene Snow and Ivo showed me how to pack a drag chute correctly and I did on both cars. Not bad for a kid in 7th grade.
"Big Daddy" Don......enough said.

Owner Ray Godman and driver Preston Davis of the Tennessee "Bo-Weevil" from Memphis area. Dad meet the owner "back in the day" when dad found himself in a wheelchair after returning from Nam in '68. Owner is pictured in his chair next to pickup truck.

These cars were the best and nothing burns better than Nitro.
Remember....gas is for cleaning parts.

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  1. Cool dragster!

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