Monday, January 4, 2010

Why? I mean really, why?

The kids in St. Marys county, Maryland built this gem with parts from the John Deere dealer and the local junk yard.
The Latin brothers in east L.A. had this smooth ride built in just under two weeks. SWEET!
I don't hate kids, I hate busses.

Now that Christmas and New Years are over and the snow has receeded, the chaps are going back to school. I propose to save this nation millions of dollars; here's how.

Sell all the school busses, period. They take up too much space on the roads and kids need to walk or ride bicycles. Schools should be in each neighborhood with kids attending that school. I know I sound like a pissed off old man, but hey, if the shoe fits!

O.K., look, if the kids need to take a bus to school and the Metro Transit does not fit the bill, then here's the deal......the students must build their own bus! The children will then take alittle "Pride in the Ride" program. Here are a couple of examples:
Did anyone notice that my story and THEN the photos are ass-backwards? Whew! Me too.


  1. Friggin' Genius is what I say. We can see our kid's school out our back window -- but they have to take the bus because there's a major road they'd have to cross and, god forbid anyone would slow down for a school zone.... I forgot my point.


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