Tuesday, March 19, 2013


On behalf of Scots, I'd like to present a rebuttal to St. Patrick's Day. We're likeable. What the hell? Why don't we have a special day?


  1. Uhhmmm, there is . . . January 25.

    I guess you missed the party and traditional eating of the Haggis!

    We've been celebrating longer then any old St. Paddy's day AND it's a REAL Scotts Day.

    Do you need to re-check your genes . . . and I don't mean your Levi's!


  2. I know. But really, who else does? St. Patrick's Day generates the most revenue for the booze merchants for the entire year. And what do we Scots get? A sheep stomach stuffed with oatmeal, onions, tatties an' neeps! It's not like we're a bunch of cheese-eating surrender monkeys!


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