Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter from Moonpie.

Get it? HOPpy Easter? Because the Easter Bunny prefers the extra hops flavor in an IPA. Also funny because at the time, Vance was a HOP-head  -- that is, he was Hooked On Phonics. In fact, I think that he may have kidnapped this kid in order to pay for his ten word-a-day habit. You can see the desperation in his eyes.
Happy Easter! Get Scared!
(l-r) Me and some kid and Vance, ca. 1975


  1. Happy Easter.

  2. Et tu, Alice? I mean, Et tu, Alice.

    Here in Albuquerque, we had ours two weeks ago -- though some of the outlying communities have theirs next week because of Testing.

  3. Not like I'm going anywhere.
    My neice and her Mom took off for Philly and NYC, for a week and a half.
    My Brother seems a bit lonely, so he keeps calling me to go out to movies. (Olympus and Spring Breakers) I go, interested or not, otherwise we rarely see or hear from him. Amusing.
    Both of my Brothers and my Dad were all very much that way. I tend to be a bit more self reliant--a bit of a loner I guess.

  4. Interesting.... Out of curiosity, Alice, have you ever done the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test? I'd be interested in knowing what your type is. I have an odd feeling it's probably similar to mine.


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