Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Lockers

I remember Vance and David Lewis dancing in sync like this to Aerosmith's "Walk This Way." It was the shit, man. It was the shit. Ain't shittin' ya, neither.


  1. Hi and dry with nary a cloud in sight here in New Mexico. Vance, on the other hand, is drying out in Maryland. I haven't heard from him, but I think they still might be without power.

    Looks like you got at least part of that weather system up there in Michigan, no?

  2. My neighbor texted that MY house in New England is OK.

    Here in Michigan 3rd day of insane wind with wintery mix. Surprised we still have power

  3. Ahh. I'd forgotten that you were also a New Englander. Didn't realize that you had a house there as well. Summers on the Cape, Winters in DEE-Troit. What an uptown girl you are.

    Every time I turn around I'm reminded of yet another person I know who was affected by the storm. Despite living out west for nearly 40 years, I think I know more people east of the Mississippi than west.

    Stay warm and dry!

  4. New England is the home I chose. I just keep ending up in Detroit, taking care of parents. This time around, I thought I would only be here for a Month starting in July. BRRRR. Capris and shorts aren't cutting it anymore!

    My folks were from Chicago and Nebraska, met at Los Alamos Labs, older brother in Ohio, brief stint in California, Me in Tenn., back to California for my younger brother, on to Michigan where I graduated HS and got the heck out of Dodge! Of course that's how I ended up in Portales, met my future Ex who was from Massachusetts. There I stayed.

    Glad I cut down those 50 100 foot pine trees in the IMMEDIATE vicinity of my house. Hopefully I will see it for a visit in two weeks.

  5. I do love the Northeast. Having been born in Ontario and grown up in upstate New York, I really miss the region. Someday I hope to return. Though having spent forty years living in the West, I'm not sure how I'd adapt.

    Well, glad to hear your house is safe and hopefully there's not much damage.


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