Wednesday, September 5, 2012 anyone there?

Please to forgive us after a 2-month.....well.......sort of a break from Moonpie.
The fall of the year is approaching and this is when we really turn up the posts. We are not going to tell you why we have been too busy for Pie, but simply to say we are returning.


  1. Yes Rick, that goes without saying . . . but where else would I be?

    We all get busy with real(?) life sometimes!

    1. By the way.... That line, "but where else would I be?" Where is that from? It sounds so familiar.

  2. Ahhh!, Bless you Alice. I can feel the love from here.

    "Real" Life's handed me some shit over the past few months, and when life hands you shit, you make shit sandwiches.

    Mama always said life was like a shit sandwich: The more bread you've got, the less shit you have to eat.

  3. it seems it was a line on Vampire Diaries . . .

    . . . but then I don't watch it.


  4. eeeYahhhh. I'm gonne need you to come in on Saturday.

  5. I was about ready to start checking the obituaries. Glad to see you douchebags back on again! =^)

  6. Thanks, TLD. Good to hear from you, too. Some of us here have suffered some shit-ass setbacks in life. Vance, on the other hand, has started a business. So there you have it.

    Hope all is well in CT

  7. Hey, Tammy, BTW, I did primal back in the early part of the year and loved it. I'm working back toward that now, though I have to figure how to do it on a budget. Kudos to you and your beau!


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