Monday, May 21, 2012

Rick Graduates

While we frequently make shit up here on the Moonpie Chronicles, this is real. Here we see Rick and his esposa waiting for the bus to take them to his graduation from the MFA in Creative Writing program at UNM.

Rick, being the penny-pinching Scot that he is, could not see laying out $80 for a cap and gown he would never wear again.

"I've a perfectly serviceable kilt and sporran," he said. "Time to wear it before I lose too much weight."

Oh, how we laughed and laughed over that one.

So, yeah, while his classmates were kicking it old school, Rick was... well... something else.


  1. Free and breezy Commando like a true Scot?

  2. Well, Alice. As much as I'd like to say 'yes,' No. I mean, I was sitting in the front row before the department chair and I DID want to graduate and I DO really want a job there in the Fall, so, as they say, discretion is the better part of valor.

    When asked what I was wearing under there, I replied "My shoes, Madam. My shoes."

  3. You never were one to follow fashion trends... Congrats!!!! =^)

  4. No ma'am, Tammy. Not me.

    And thanks!

  5. Job well done. I'm very proud of the West Coast staff member. Cheers to Raab-Faber!


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