Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cars 2

You know, Cars was a pretty great little animated film A great message. great animation. A real winner and a feather in the cap of Pixar and Disney both.

Then came Cars 2. And for some reason the cars needed to become spies. And shoot things. Seriously?

Look at this picture. I mean, yeah, the coloring is scary. Especially the two different colored eyes... sort of psycho. (Cut me some slack. I was in a hurry to finish so I could go out and play.) But do we really need a redneck tow-truck with this kind of fire-power mounted on the hood? And then make it into a coloring book for six-year-olds? What kind of whacked out horseshit is that?

I think not.

And now you know

the rest

of the story.



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