Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missed it again....

Each year, Willie has a "picnic' on the fourth of July on his ranch in Texas.

David Allan Coe and other invited guests sing and party for several days each July.

Leon and many other guests are invited to Willies party to play and have a grand time at the annual event. In the 70's, the Watermelon Mountain Jug Band was invited to attend and wrote a song about the experience.

"Hey, hey Willie

we're glad we came along

gettin' high on them Texas skies

gettin' high on them Texas songs

soon we will be leavin' and we'll all say good-bye

to Willie Nelsons picnic on the 4th of July"

If it's the LAST thing we do, Rick and I will be at Willies picnic some year before we take up the rocking chair.

Happy Birthday America.

1 comment:

  1. I can think of few things that would be more bitchin' than to attend the picnic. Very few.

    As God is our witness, we will go one day. (I mean Willie isn't that old is he? He works out, eats healthy, abstains from drugs and alcohol. Right...)


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