Thursday, February 3, 2011

NM: State of Emergency

We've (me, the wife and kids) been off school/work since Tuesday due to sub-zero temps. The roads are clear, but we don't have the clothing for this shit. A large percentage of NM schoolkids do not have adequate clothing for a regular NM winter.

To top it all off, now we are facing a natural gas shortage. Several communities are already running out. We've got rolling blackouts going on throughout the state. People who aren't used to the cold (but then, who the hell is "used to" 10 below?)

The schools and universities have all shut down until at least Monday so that there is enough natural gas for the outlying communities.

This is what we get for letting a Republican in as governor! It's god's punishment on us. This same governor is appointing former astronut -- I mean astronaut -- and conspiracy/creationist theory dork Harrison Schmidt (sp?) as NMs Environmental czar.

Sweet merciful Jesus. Save us.

Ted Rall sounds more and more sane

As does Jared Diamond
Me thinks we should listen to Rall before Diamond's predictions come true.

Thank goodness we stocked up on Scotch and Captain Morgan this morning. We could be in for a very long weekend.

I have spoken!

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  1. O.K., Rick, calm down, heres what you do. Thankfully you have the "starter fluid" in the bottles of booze. Now, by using a 8 foot length of garden hose, the booze and 3 bags of Fritos Scoops chips....(I saw this on McGyver), you can harness your own natural gas to power and heat the home for .....oh, about 4 days. Just don't let the kids in the room when you ignite the hose.

    As for the New Mexico politics....can't help you there bro. Good luck!


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